Monday, January 19, 2009

yummy thing

I discovered this while making...sushi. Don't ask, I was experimenting. Wasabi flavored things are yummy sushi fillings, btw.
I had sushi rice in the first batch, but I don't recommend using it unless you want a meal or something.

-about 2/3 cup Cheerios(I used whole grain but any kind would work, probably)
-1/4 cup granola(I used some from Marshall's, slightly cinnamony and with dried rasberries)
-1 small strawberry, cut into small chunks
-brown sugar to taste
-tablespoon of honey, more or less to taste

Add descending size order for easier mixing. Cheerios, strawberries, granola, brown sugar. You can mix the ingredients pre or post honey. Add honey, mix with spoon. Eat. Spazz.

It's healthy, crunchy and sweet.

Tell me how this works for you/about variations or suggestions.

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