Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Bullshit Day!

ingredients for an awesome February 14, alone
-1 large hot bath
-chamomile bath oils/salts to taste
-1 good book, completely unrelated to romance
-Songbird, laptop, remote control
-one small bowl of fruit, chocolate
-8 oz. ice water
-2 cozy towels
-1 house coat

1. You're home alone. Walk around naked. Liberating, hmm?

2. Fill bath with comfortably hot water. Add oil and salts.
3. Prepare fruit. Serve with slab of chocolate and glass of cold water.
4. Place laptop on counter. Open media playing program. Play favorite music.
5. Search for appropriate book on shelf. Place on side of bath.

6.Check water temperature with foot.
7. Place towel in water. Lower self into water. Relax muscles.
8. Read book and eat fruit with bites of choco.
9. Close book. Sink into bathwater.
10. Breathe deeply. Try taking deep breaths while submerged.
11. Enjoy almost weightless sensation.

12. When feeling drowsy or soggy, get out of tub and dry self with towel.
13. Put on robe.
14. Snuggle with cat.

and step 15: Feel the fucking lower back-I-don't-even-know-what-the-hell-it-is-actually pain return.

Honestly, though, it was pleasant. The bath. The pain sucked.

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