Sunday, February 15, 2009

drafting, free will, and consent of the governed

If the power of the government lies in the willingness of the people to be governed, what can be said about the draft? For that matter, what about any law?
Is consenting to be governed worth as much as consenting by free will?
Of course, you have free will. But do you have freedom if the consequences are so undesirable they are almost always a deterrent?
Free will is an illusion, correct? Are our actions not determined by biological reactions, urges, and programming? So it seems "free will" is merely a euphemism for possibility. But then, can anything be done about the state of the cat in the box?
By this line of reasoning, the most potent government is one without laws. Perhaps not the most stable or the safest, but the most powerful.
Then the question becomes one of the primal inclinations of humanity, from that, society.

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Jango said...

Free will is simply I don't care if you do it as long as it doesn't bother me or someone else. Society yearns for free will but it also yearns to be govern.....the problem arises because the sense of standards we have for others. For example America broke free from Britian because of the desire for free will but as this society developed then freedoms will always be lost......What I am saying is society can not exsist with complete free will. Humans are a creature of control and manipulation.....Proof? We desire things for ourself.... example....a personal blog, myspace, facebook, google pages, houses.....things that we can "absolutely" control.....Those these things may seem trivial they still repersent a deep desire for control....control = no free will. All goverment means well but unfornately the greed of power and control taints society at all levels.....even thoes levels of free will.