Thursday, June 10, 2010

Nap to round out my sleep. That makes 4 hours last night and 3 today.
First dream something about a door in the bathroom. There was a cat that was ours, but I don't remember if she looked like any of the 3. It was curved so it couldn't latch. Dad was being difficult. I finally whispered "fuck you" and he told me to go to my room and something else. I felt frustrated.
Dreamed I was at Jeremiah's house for some reason. There was a hallway. I think Hannah was in a room at the end on the right, very pregnant and about to deliver.
The next one: I was going around with Marilyn Manson and his posse. There was something about fighting a group of people. We raised our big swords. So did they. The leaders had the biggest. We trained with them for a bit and watched them. We were going to Marilyn Monroe's house for a private performance and it was going to last past 10:30. I was trying to figure out how to tell parents. This was the one with strange details.
And then something about going with Mum to a food exchange at Warren Wilson at Wilkes Cottage. I saw that on the cottage-"Wilkes Cottage". Some of the stuff we had grown but it was there in the ground and we pulled it up so the girl at the window could tell us about it. At the end she said they were going to move somewhere with bigger space. There were edibles planted everywhere among the landscaping.

Oddly not odd today, but very vivid and in good number. I didn't feel as confused in them.
boooooring but it's my blog and it's just my record, nyah nyah.

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