Saturday, July 11, 2009

just to see how different from before:

1. Which song describes the mood you are in right now?
Would I Be the One-Sean Lennon

2. Which song describes the mood you are usually in?
Relief-Cold War Kids

3. Which song describes one of your favorites things to do?
Sad Robot- Stars

4. Which song describes something else you like to do?
Little Bit- Lykke Li

5. Which song explains the way you think about love?
Jet Age- Ladytron
please no.

6. What would you sing to your soulmate right now?
Dissent-Andrew Bird
HAHAHA, perfect.

7. Which song best represents you?
Symphony Number 3 in E Flat-Beethoven

8. Which song describes your sexual preference?
Let's Make Love and Listen to Death From Above- CSS

9. Which song describes what would occur between you and a (male) prostitute

10. Your lover on the side?
Angel in Disguise-Pillar

11. How about your wife or husband?
The Imperial March- John Williams(Star Wars)

12. Which song would be played at your wedding?
Behind Your Eyes-Jon Foreman

13. Which song would be played at your wedding reception?
Urge On!!-Polysics

14. Which song describes yourself in the future?
Regime Change-Disciple

15. Which song describes yourself in the past?
Every Man I Fall For-CWK
oh wow. um, no comment.

16. Which song would be appropriate for a one night stand?
See You In the Evening-Mazarin

17. Which song would best describe your first time kissing?
Help I'm Alive-Metric Fantasies

18. Your first time having sex?
Hella Good-No Doubt
I swear I'm not manipulating these.

19. Which song would best describe your fashion sense?
Ooh-Scissor Sisters

20. Which song would describe your taste in the opposite or same sex?
You Make Me like Charity- The Knife

21. Which song best describes your parents?
Guilty-Bee Gees

22. Which song best describes your family in general?
Elouise-Say Hi

23. Which song best describes your friends?
All Things Must Pass-The Beatles

24. Which song best describes your school?
Cold Beer and Remote Control-Indigo Girls

25. Which song best describes your public personality?
The Year in Review-Her Space Holiday

26. Which song best describes your private personality?
Things Left Unsaid(acoustic)-Disciple

27. The weather outside is...
Nemesis-Aaron Parks

28. I feel like...

29. I would really love to...
Subtle Oddities-Lemon Demon

30. No one can stop me from...

31. Today I will...
Sleep Tonight-Stars

32. Love is like...
Rave Suckers-0xbbninja

33. I would call myself...
Particle Beam Dream-JEFF

34. I've never been to...
God Put A Smile Upon Your Face-Coldplay

35. If I were a...
Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh -Say Hi

36. Never forget...
Record Year-The Decemberists

37. Noone believes me when...
Oh Yoko-John Lennon

38. I would never...
Hooray, It's LA-Blindside

39. I could see myself as...
It's the End of the World as We Know It- R.E.M

40. I'm as fun as...
Head Like A Hole-NIN

41. I wish...
Sent To Destroy-Combichrist

42. He will never understand why...
Out of Character-Eulogies

43. I'm nearly...
Sick Muse- Metric

44. I want to see...
Lake of Fire-Nirvana
Nah, no matter what my parents say. :b

45. At night time...
Rock and Roll Band-Boston

46. My fashion sense is...
Bastille Day-Rush

47. I cry when...
Don't Wanna Leave Her Now-The Beatles

48. The moon is...
Flower of Scotland-Ceol Leinn

49. I get tired when...
When Fire Falls-Myriad

50. I lack...
Dry Clothes-Annuals

51. I'm so absorbing in...
More Than Useless-Relient K

52. I should be...
Radio Kaliningrad-Handsome Furs

53. I can't seem to forget...
Lady Madonna-The Beatles

54. Where in the world is...
Clinically Dead-Chad VanGaalen

55. I don't want to hear...
Love is a battlefield - Pat Benetar

56. Don't give up on...
Closer Than Close-Bee Gees

57. I should give up on...
Rumours-Love is All

58. I want to be...

59. I like alot of...
This is Halloween- Marylin Manson

60. I often think about...
Failure to Excommunicate-Relient K

61. I don't understand why...
You Made My Day-Welcome Wagon

62. Guys are...
Well that's offensive.

63. Girls go to...
Arms of a Thief-Iron and Wine
Mmm, yummy. Rogues!

64. I'm in trouble for...
Shark Attack-Freezepop

67. All I've ever cared about was...
Let it All Out- RK

68. Take me away from...
Hammer-Caribbean Island Steel Band

69. The worst possible thing is...
All the Small Things-Blink 182


01. What is your town like? Ares-Bloc Party

02. What mood are you in? Down With the Sickness

03. How's your love life? poopy-Neil Cicierega *giggle* Well, not quite.

04. What will you grow up to be? Fix You-Coldplay This song makes me cry every time.

05. What are you afraid of? All We Ask-Grizzly Bear

06. Best place you have ever been? Half a Person-The Welcome Wagon

07. What do you first think about in the morning? Rolling Star-Bleach


01. What was your birth like? Paintbox-Pink Floyd ew.

02. How did you feel about life in the early years? Friends and Foes-Will Willis

03. What was your first crush like? From Me to You-The Beatles

04. Your worst fears? Mexican Dogs-CWK That really sounds bad in this context.

05. Your dream job as a child? Yaya-Ray Rogers

06. What will your first job be? The New Kid Revival- Her Space Holiday

07. How will your first love be? Bodies-Drowning Pool

08. Favorite hobby? The Boys and Girls- HSH

09. Something you HATE? Ebaum's World Dot Com-Lemon Demon heh.

10. Something you love? Thoughts of A Dying Atheist-Muse

11. Your wedding will be like? Neon Bible-The Arcade Fire Study this song, you guys.

12. How will you die? Teardrop-Massive Attack

13. What have people thought about you? Lion's Mane-Iron and Wine Hell yes. Hear my roar.


01. Your clothes are like? “Cupid Chain Gang-John Lennon and Paul McCartney

02. Your hair is like? Staples- RK

03. Your smile is like? Pirates- Indigo Jam Unit

04. Your school is like? The Asteroid Field-John Williams(Star Wars)

05. Your favorite drink is like? Maintenance Hall, 4am-Stars

06. Your favorite food is like? Words-BeeGees

07. Your humor is like? Tell Me in the Morning-CWK


01. Your name? Chasin' After You-Will Willis

02. Words to describe you? Sweet Transvestite- Rocky Horror Picture Show

03. Your current mood? Munich-The Editors

04. Favorite pasttime? Shag With the Stereo On-Tim Minchin

05. Your guitly pleasure? Toucha Toucha Toucha Touch Me- Rocky Horror

06. A pet peeve of yours? Echo Train-Chad VanGaalen

07. An embarrassing thing youve done? Instant Karma-John Lennon

08. Relationship status? Evening on the Ground-Iron and Wine

09. Future plans? At the End of the Sky-Darkel

10. Last words? Superstar-Saliva

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