Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I've Learned

What have I learned? I've learned that I have inner strength that doesn't rely on anything. I've learned that you have to keep your head above the water as you let yourself get swept away by the current to a new land. I've learned that things that hurt you hurt. Scarred skin is tough. Healed skin is beautiful and an undetected part of myself. I've learned that incomplete resistance isn't failure; it's human and it's progress. It's Working On It. I've learned that emotions can be a fog that keeps you from seeing the way things are far away, but make you focus on what you are right now, right here. I've learned that it's hard to see over the mountains to the lush fields when you're crying a river in the lowest point of a valley. I've learned that once that river is all cried out, it will float you away and set you free with all the world and your life before your toes. I've learned that love begins, then Is, then wails, then Goes On. I've learned that self is ever-changing and never-ending. Forms run together and make the next, each former influencing the way it will happen to be next. I've learned much.
I can feel it. It's going to be One of Those Summers to follow the vibrant spring of my soul. We grew together and now we thrive apart, carrying the seeds we sowed, watered by outside forces. I loved you and now I Love.
People are perpetual saplings with the spirits of a great Oak.

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Jeremiah White said...

I'm really impressed with your writings. Can I give you a challenge?